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Ecstasy – Mickaël Besse, (Satyam Cinemas), Chennai, India

24 Nov

Chennai, Sept 2011

there is something very soul-satisfying about good dessert. you may have the best seven-course meal, but end it with  less than satisfying dessert, and i am sure your happiness will be short-lived. to make a good dessert requires a whole host of things – creativity, taste (aesthetic and sensory), and a lot of dedication. from putting together complementary ingredients to deciding on the best manner in which it can be presented, dessert-making is an art for connoisseurs.

so, even though i have never met Mickaël Besse, i think the man is a true connoisseur.

my first impression of Ecstasy, as i sneaked a peek through its glass doors, was just how out of place it seemed in a cinema complex (now, you must understand this was before i went to ID – which made it clear that Satyam was trying out something different). chic, clean lines dominated the largely white interiors, which were enlivened by classic touches and a display of tempting desserts at the other end. from the choice of colours to furnishings to the chandelier made of little post-its from fans, this place makes you feel like you slipped through a little time-place crack and landed in a dessert parlour in Paris.

but then again, what are good interiors when the focus is on the desserts?

my chance to sample the just-mentioned came after dinner one day. a cousin owed me a treat for something and he suggested the place. even at first glance, the desserts display is impressive. beautifully arrayed confections, made from tempting combinations of chocolate, coffee and fruit competed for attention. the impressive thing is that they also have options that are eggless, for strict vegetarians. i tried the ‘liqourice raspberry tartlet’, which featured an almond shortcrust pastry filled with raspberry and liquorice ganache, and was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. i spent a good two minutes just looking at the tart, feeling sad that i wanted to eat it. but eat it i did. and well, i learnt why a good dessert can be a soul-satisfying experience.

from then on, i always try to wrangle a visit to Ecstasy when i am in the area – with the sole purpose of trying out all their desserts. i have gone as far as ‘Flak’ (milk chocolate mousse with chocolate glaze) and the ‘Blueberry Cheesecake’ (self explanatory, i think!). each time i have been there, it is a hard choice – especially since there are rows of perfect chocolates that catch the corner of my eye as well. and unlike an ice cream sundae, savouring these desserts is not something related to quantity. it’s about relishing the flavour and texture of the chosen dessert to its fullest. one at a time.

so i choose. and indulge. and then understand why the establishment was so aptly named for the special happiness we experience after eating the perfect dessert. 🙂 (and also why it is as addictive as the drug that shares its name!)

*Photos courtesy of Ecstasy  (http://www.facebook.com/pastriesatsathyamcinemas)

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