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Skinny Pizza, Singapore

7 Mar

Singapore, Jan 2012

i was walking around the basement of Raffles City – that wonderful maze of restaurants and shops 🙂 – when i saw a poster with the words “Skinny Pizza” and an arrow pointing in some direction. i stopped for a moment, thanks to the unique name, but couldn’t go looking for the place as i was en route to meet a friend. some days later, when planning a dinner with a good friend and his wife, i remembered the sign, and googled the name. within a few minutes, i was texting my friend on this fabulous new place i had chanced upon, and he responded enthusiastically – lets go! 🙂

Skinny Pizza in Raffles City is a stylish dining space that blends sophisticated fittings with the atmosphere of a friendly bistro. the restaurant seems to fill up fast, so it would be better that you book a table in advance. walk in, look around, take in the settings, and then ask for the menu – and wait impatiently until you can sink your teeth into your pizza! 🙂 but wait, maybe you should try some sides first – the seared brie cheese, or the truffle fries. my friends who opted for the sausage said it was awesome, so you have their word for it. we

ordered the house cocktail (the name ends with ‘punch’, but it eludes my memory right now). the drink was served in a round tin cup (which looks more stylish than i am making it seem here) and was a refreshing accompaniment to the meal. given that it was made with Bombay Sapphire Gin and some other poison, i wondered if it might be a bit on the heady side, but i was pleasantly surprised – with fruity notes enhanced by the gin and with a couple of lychee popped in, this was one awesome cocktail! i just wish i had gone ahead and ordered one more! 🙂

but wait, i haven’t started talking about the pizza yet! with a soft thin crust and crackling, puffy edges, that features gourmet-style toppings, each pizza on the menu is drool-worthy! 🙂 you can choose between ‘skinny’ and ‘not-so-skinny’ crusts, and if in doubt, ask the waiter to recommend one that would suit your choice of toppings.  i opted for the ‘Wild Truffled Mushroom’ with a not-so-skinny base. i wish i could describe to you in detail, but i can’t. i could tell you the pizza was like a gourmet mushroom sandwich on a thin, soft base with crackling edges that added a little crunch. i could add that each bite was sheer pleasure. that even someone like me (who doesn’t usually crave

mushrooms) was made a convert after that pizza. and that i am ready to swear off the thick bread that is touted by pizza chains. would saying all that give you any idea of just how good it was?

no, i doubt you would really ever get what a wonderful meal i had. so here’s the deal: just go. order the cocktail, the brie, the fries, the pizza. and eat! 🙂

wait, i didn’t tell you about dessert, did i? just fyi, i ended the meal on a awesome note with a pastry made with ice nougat – sheer heaven! 🙂

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