Chaipatty Teafe, Bangalore, India

6 Sep

Bangalore, July 2011

i was standing outside a store that sells household stuff, with my 3-year-old niece, waiting for my cousin sis to finish picking up some stuff for her new house. it was about 4.30 and – given that i had had a long day – wanted to head home and sleep. but my sis had other plans – “let’s go and have tea,” she said chirpily. i murmured something to the tune that we could go home and have tea, but she was insistent. “you will definitely like the place i am going to take you to! come!”

so, we piled into an auto and headed for 100-feet road. we soon stopped outside a small cafe called Chaipatty Teafe (made from

“cafe” and “tea” – get it?). a cafe that was very different-looking one from any i had seen. did i say ‘small’? i should change that to cosy. a cheery little space with short rattan

stools, cushions and rugs scattered around, the place had the feel of being in a university mate’s pad, albeit in a half-built appartment. there were some folks sitting around, having tea in terracotta cups (which are called kullads) and snacks. on one end of the Teafe was the counter and kitchen, and at the other was a shelf with assorted terracotta wares – from small jewellery to cups to decorative pieces.

at first sight, i loved it! 🙂

this is the kind of place you could spend hours in, lazily sipping your tea and talking to your friend, or even just reading your book. what makes it even better is the bangalore weather – generally cool, sometimes even dipping into cold. after the overtly done-up decor of cafe coffee days and spluttering ACs in base-town chennai, this was a refreshing change. and to match its decor, the food is good stuff – chai made just the way i like it (not too strong, not too milky), and an assortment of spicy and sweet things to choose from. i tried the cheese balls and brownie (which was called a cakelet, i think) with just regular kullad chai. and like the icing on the cake (the masala in the chai?), the service staff are friendly and helpful – they even helped us choose what to eat.

good indian tea, some muchies, and possibly a good book in hand – that’s what i am thinking for the next time i am in bangalore. 🙂

*Photos courtesy of Chaipatty Teafe (


2 Responses to “Chaipatty Teafe, Bangalore, India”

  1. Chirag September 29, 2011 at 7:25 pm #

    Thank you for the sweet blog. Do drop in & meet me when ever next you have time 🙂


    • yamini September 30, 2011 at 2:42 am #

      Hi Chirag,
      would be more than happy to drop by! 🙂 looking fwd to meeting up!

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